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8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Luxury Villa in Marbella, Spain

Posted by Marcus Vidstrom on August 14, 2022

The real estate market in Spain has been growing very rapidly in the past few years. This has increased buyers’ interest in luxury villas across the country. Marbella is a popular tourist destination with over 140,000 foreigners living there. 

Today, most people prefer buying a luxury villa in their chosen city to ensure they have accommodation when going on vacation. Unfortunately, very few people know what to look for in a luxury villa. If you’re unsure what factors to consider when buying a luxury villa in Marbella, Spain, check out our guide below for more information:

1. Consider Contemporary Features

Before making a purchase, ensure you thoroughly inspect the property. When you invest in good-quality real estate property, you’re likely to get a higher return on investment in the future. Check out all the villas you have shortlisted and choose one that suits you best.

A modern luxury villa should have features such as:

  •  A game room
  • Tennis court
  • Beautifully designed bathrooms
  • A private pool
  • A gym and yoga room
  • Cinema or family room

If this is your first time purchasing a Marbella luxury villa, you might be overwhelmed by the features to consider. Luxury villas are exceptional because of the features that come with them. However, ensure you choose a villa that best suits you and your family’s needs.

Some modern luxury villas in Spain also come with extended parking for both you and your guests. This is one of the most overlooked features when people are purchasing real estate property. Ensure you settle for a villa with ample parking for your family.

2. Research the Local Area Beforehand

Most Villas are built in serene and quiet corners of a city’s boundaries. Some villas are even built on the city’s outskirts to provide the occupants with much-needed rest and break from the city’s bustling, crowded life.

Before buying a villa, check out the surrounding environment, different neighbourhoods, and the population’s diversity. Check whether the area is well-planned and has good roads to connect your home to the city and a proper electricity supply. It’s also essential to check for other municipal facilities such as access to water, a functional drainage system, and sanitation.

Checking the villa’s neighbourhood is an essential part of buying the right one. For instance, if you are a tourist, you might want to live with other tourists. The most popular neighbourhoods in Marbella include Old Town San Pedro de Alcantara, Downtown, and Puerto Banus. 

Additionally, you should consider the social culture of the local people before closing the deal. How welcoming are they to strangers? What language do they speak?

The last thing you want is to buy a villa in an area that you’re unwelcomed by the local people.

3. Security of the Area

Whether you want to purchase a villa near the city border or on the outskirts, it’s essential to consider the area’s safety. Before buying your dream luxury villa in Marbella, Spain, ensure you check the general crime rate in the area to know whether it’s worth investing your money.

Additionally, you should also consider the crime rate during different times of the day. Sometimes, you may need to move around during night hours or travel for long periods at a time. For this reason, ensure there are proper security protocols to ensure your villa’s safety and security in your absence

Another essential factor to consider is the villa’s proximity to the fire and police stations. According to a study, the general crime rate in Marbella, Spain, is relatively low compared to other major cities across the country.

With a high safety level of 77.72% for people walking alone during daylight and a moderate safety level of 58.78% for people walking alone during nighttime, Marbella is a great neighbourhood to buy real estate property.

There are many cases today of people being conned of their hard-earned money through falsified property sales. Before purchasing a villa, it’s essential to check all the property documents to find out if there are any property disputes. This also helps you determine whether the property has a clear title.

Additionally, check whether the previous villa owner has any unpaid property taxes, loans and bills. Buying a property with monetary obligations such as loans and unpaid taxes could be a nightmare down the road.

If the property has any due monetary obligations, it’s essential to obtain a No Obligation Certificate (NOC) from the relevant authority or bank.

5. Quality Architectural Design

Before signing a check, dig deeper and check the quality of the construction materials used and the villa’s architectural design. But if you don’t know much about construction materials and architecture, consider bringing in an expert for assistance. The expert should examine the construction technique and the quality of the material used.

Then, they will advise you on whether the property is worth it or not. The architect you choose should have ample industrial experience and knowledge to help you choose the best villa in the area.

6. Work With Professionals

The real estate purchasing process can be quite daunting, especially if you’re not an expert. This is why it’s advisable to work with an expert in the field to guide you. However, ensure you hire professionals conversant with the local area.

A local real estate agent understands the market and will know how to get you the best deal. They will also know which villas are suitable for you depending on your needs and preferences. Additionally, they will also help you handle the paperwork, taking a load off your shoulders.

7. The Price of the Villa

The biggest mistake first-time villa buyers make is falling for lower prices. A luxury villa is defined by its contemporary features, high-end fittings, more space, and luxurious specifications. Some more luxurious villas are energy-efficient and have smart features.

All these contemporary features will significantly influence the price of the villa. Hence, a high-quality villa will have a matching higher price. If you find villas that are considerably cheaper than others in the area, you should give it a second thought before making a purchase.

Some con artists often list their properties lower than the market value to attract unsuspecting naïve customers. Alternatively, you could purchase a low-quality, poorly constructed villa, thinking that you got a great price.

8. Consider the Property’s Price Appreciation

When buying a luxury villa in Marbella, it’s essential to consider the appreciation that it will earn in a few years. A perfectly positioned luxury villa will guarantee a high price appreciation in the future. Investing your money in a villa assures you a significant percentage of the Undivided Share of Land (UDS).

Ensure you check the UDS terms in your purchasing agreement before signing it. When you buy a home, the value of the structure will depreciate while the land it sits on appreciates. Therefore the UDS is the homeowner’s proportionate share in the land.

Benefits of Buying a Villa

Everyone’s dream is to purchase their own home and live independently without paying rent. Unfortunately, only a few people achieve this dream. A luxurious villa offers its occupants exclusive niche living, which speaks volumes about your choice of houses.

Now that you know how to buy a luxury villa and the features to consider, it’s time to check out the benefits of purchasing a villa. These benefits include:

  • They make for great investments because you’re also purchasing the land it stands on
  • Villas offer great comfort, privacy and convenience away from your neighbour’s prying eyes
  • A villa is a symbol of luxury, sophistication and class, gaining you respect in the society
  • Living in a villa means you can enjoy complete privacy while still accessing amenities that people living in townhouses and apartments have
  • Villa communities come with a jogging pathway, 24/7 security, clubhouse, landscaped garden and a play area for your children
  • Luxury villas are designed to include all essential features and amenities to ensure you are living in comfort and style
  • You won’t have pet restrictions, space restraints, and strict housing society rules won’t apply to you
  • You have the freedom to design your interior and exterior space to your liking
  • A villa gives you access to enough land to start a vegetable garden, plant trees or even grow some flowers

When buying a villa, you won’t only be buying the house structure; you will also own the adjacent land. This means you have ample space to putter around, design and redesign your property however you like and keep some pets.

Additionally, you also get ample compound for your children and pets to play around without worrying about complaints from your neighbours.

Are You Ready to Purchase a Luxury Villa in Marbella, Spain?

Are you considering purchasing a luxury villa in Marbella, Spain? Contact us at Choose Marbella, and we will help you find the best property based on your needs. We will also advise on the best neighbourhoods around Marbella to purchase property and help you navigate Spanish real estate laws and regulations.

Contact us today, and our highly professional and experienced real estate agents will provide you with the best service throughout your property search. We will ensure that you find the perfect villa for you and your family and make Spain your home.

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