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Luxury properties in Spain: the buyer guide 2022

Posted by Marcus Vidstrom on August 7, 2022

It’s no secret that real estate investment is a wise choice. It consistently holds its value and offers you the chance to diversify your portfolio. There is a multitude of real estate you can invest in, from commercial buildings to residential apartments. However, real estate that has seen significant rises in the last few decades is luxury property developments. Buyers are looking for luxury apartments and villas as an opportunity to live or vacation in the sunshine all year round – so it’s a good place to invest your money.

The Costa Del Sol is a narrow coastal strip along the south of Spain tempting tourists and Spanish nationals alike with beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches and a rich culture. It’s no wonder so many people are attracted to this stretch of coastline – captivating 13 million tourists each year.

Buyers are looking for luxury apartments and villas as an opportunity to live or vacation in the sunshine all year round – so it’s a good place to invest your money.

Mundial Invest is a luxury real estate development in Spain specialising in bespoke high-end luxury homes. With extensive experience in high-quality contemporary living, we aim to meet the growing demand for luxury properties in the Costa del Sol. We know what it takes to create a luxury real estate development in Spain that will provide excellent returns.

If you’re seeking the perfect place to invest in luxury property, here’s all you need to know about the Costa Del Sol.

Why invest in luxury apartments in Spain?

Knowledgeable property investors are choosing to invest in Spanish property developments for a multitude of reasons. Not only is the housing market constantly growing, but Spain isn’t short of tourists looking for their dream holiday home. The Spanish Ministry of Tourism predicts that in the next six years, one million tourists will buy homes in the country and this number is expected to treble by 2025.

If you bought property in Spain a few years ago, its value would have increased by 20-30% per year. It’s easy to see why Spain has become such a popular place for property investment. As an example, Spain is a particularly popular destination among Brits looking for a place in the sun to retire. With a guaranteed year-round climate, low cost of living and just a short flight away from the UK, many people are eyeing up the Spanish coast to relax in luxury.

Where to buy luxury apartments in Spain?

Spain has been a consistent and popular destination for tourists for many years with numerous different market attractions. The Costa del Sol is considered a luxury area with higher house prices due to having the highest visitor levels in the country – and it also boasts stable property prices.

In recent years, Spain has received massive EU subsidies for improvements in infrastructure outside of traditional resort areas. This has allowed a greater attraction in a sophisticated tourist market, opening up the opportunity for luxury apartments and villas to make a generous profit. Investors with mid-to-long-term investment strategies can make the most of luxury property developments in Spain, particularly in the Costa del Sol.

Spain is now more accessible than ever, with improved infrastructure, competitive airline prices and a range of short and long break options. Investors have the opportunity to buy resorts, apartment complexes and luxury villas as a safe investment.

Why buy luxury homes in Costa del Sol?

Literally translated to “Coast of the Sun” or “Sun Coast”, the Costa del Sol is a beacon for those looking for the ideal place to enjoy some sunshine. Many people choose the Costa del Sol as the place to buy holiday homes or permanent residences due to its strong hand of offerings. The vibrant tourism market provides a cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts people from all over the world, English is widely spoken and you’ll find communities of expats of many different nationalities. Mijas is a popular destination with the expat population sitting at 36%.

If you’re looking to buy luxury homes in Spain, the Costa del Sol might just be your ticket.

With such an active housing market from worldwide investors, money is constantly being reinvested back into the community to maintain its position as a good source of foreign income. As a result, the Costa del Sol has great transport links, excellent healthcare, quality schooling and a vast array of shops, bars and restaurants. Infrastructure and amenities in the Costa del Sol are only continuing to improve, offering tourists even more accessibility to the sunny South of Spain. If you’re looking to buy luxury homes in Spain, the Costa del Sol might just be your ticket.

Reasons investors are looking for luxury apartments for sale in the Costa del Sol

In comparison to other areas of Spain, the Costa del Sol is undeniably the best place to invest in real estate. With unparalleled weather, gorgeous coastlines and fantastic culture, this part of Spain is well known for its strong investment returns and rising property value.

Here’s why you should consider an investment in luxury properties in the Costa del Sol:

  • The Costa del Sol is known as a global tourist destination, perfect for rental properties or second homes.
  • Affordable prices fuel the market and attract buyers and property investors with capital growth.
  • The Costa del Sol offers 300 days of sunshine every year. Combined with vast stretches of beaches and a superb outdoor lifestyle, holidays and quality of life in the Costa del Sol don’t disappoint.
  • Local councils are constantly investing in infrastructure projects to provide improved amenities.
  • Regular and affordable flights from airports across the world allow tourists to visit easily.
  • Diverse communities, cultures and traditions make the Costa del Sol an attractive destination for tourists worldwide.

Average prices of luxury apartments in Costa del Sol

Spain’s tourism economy has seen significant improvements after the COVID-19 pandemic and luxury house prices have increased in value and will continue to do so in the coming years. Therefore, it’s worthwhile making an investment soon.

Prices in the Costa del Sol have stayed consistent and the average price in the luxury property market is 7,000 euros per m2. While in the east and west of Marbella, the average cost remains at 3,900 euros/m2 in luxury residential areas. Areas such as Nueva Andalucía have average prices of 4,200 euros/m2 and even rise up to 5,800 euros/m2 in the Golden Mile. Prices for a 3-bed luxury apartment in Costa del Sol with sea views can range between €3 million and €11 million. Whereas 1-bedroom apartments range between €1-2 million.

Things to consider when investing in luxury properties in the Costa del Sol

There are hoards of families and retirees looking for an escape somewhere that guarantees warm weather and sunshine. For many, that dream lifestyle can be found in Spain. The Costa del Sol offers a luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and makes it the perfect consideration for luxury property investment. Gorgeous apartments and villas coupled with an abundance of outdoor pursuits is likely to work wonders for those that need to unwind.

After an unsettled few years, many investors are seeking opportunities that provide a satisfying return and we believe you can find this in the Costa del Sol. 90% of buyers in demand of luxury apartments in the Costa del Sol come from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Russia and Scandinavian countries. Evidently, many expats from Northern Europe are looking to escape the wet weather and find a luxurious home in the South of Spain.

The Costa del Sol offers a luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and makes it the perfect consideration for luxury property investment.

Spain offers excellent value for money when it comes to buying property, as the market remains buoyant and steady in the coming years. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to see returns in the rental market which is constantly flourishing. Tourists are not only seeking second homes but the opportunity to enjoy self-catering accommodation, apartments and private villas. Some investors choose to rent a property for six months of the year and live in the Costa del Sol for the rest of the year. A fantastic opportunity to get the most out of your investment.

Buy Luxury Properties in Spain With Mundial Invest

As an investor, we understand it’s important you can trust where your money goes. That’s why we aim to offer people like you the opportunity to be a part of something that will offer excellent returns. At Mundial Invest, we are a professional real estate development company specialising in bespoke, high-end luxury homes in Spain.

Providing state of the art contemporary homes, we aim to fill the gap in the market for luxurious real estate developments on the Costa del Sol. We plan to be the leading luxury developer in Costa del Sol and be recognised worldwide for our reliability and our commitment to exceeding our client and investor’s expectations.

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